Wednesday, January 7, 2009

that's all folks

I want to thank everyone who helped keep this blog going consistently for (almost) a full year, and anyone who read it. In this economy, time is a luxury. I don't blame the gracious staff (myself included) for being unable to volunteer their typed insights on a regular basis, and I appreciate them contributing (secretly some of the best music writing around) for imaginary peanuts. Todd Hutlock, for editing and guidance. Ian Mathers, for the most contributions and his unwavering enthusiasm and belief this staff. Todd Burns, the O.G., for his blessings. Our newbs, Melanie Baskins and Gillian Watson (wherever you are), you came out of nowhere to boost the estrogen quotient and kick the shit out of your elders. Do not stop. Some idols of mine! Travis Morrison, Jason Gross, Chris Weingarten, who've all been to far higher places, lowered themselves a little just for this. Orme, for coming through at the 13th hour for that Cut Copy blurb. Kronish, for the URL hookup. Bradley, for being the easiest edit. Theon, for being a pal. As many ex-Stylusers as I could rustle up for attempting to simulate what a 2008 Stylus year-end would look like. Everyone else who contributed. Any goal I could've possibly had for this blog was reached. It's 2009; onward to new vistas.

-Dan Weiss